Thursday, 16 March 2006

Im so lucky

Five years ago today I first met my John. I'm so very lucky!

For the last five years are love has grown and grown. I'm so very lucky!

For the last five years we have had our ups and our downs. I'm so very lucky!

For the last five years we have shared so very much. I'm so very lucky!

Five years ago I had just my two own lovely children, for the last five years I have shared the joys of John's children too. I'm so very lucky.

Somebody loves me very much, and I love him very much too. Something I thought would never happen to me. I'm so very lucky.

I'm feeling so lucky because whilst I was married to my boys father I thought I would never ever be able to love a man, smile and feel proud with a man, walk hand in hand, stare into each others eyes, share thoughts, dreams and everything! I thought I would never be happy. Dreams do come true and there is true love. I'm so very lucky.

John bought home these flowers to me today - bless him! We don't really have an anniversary because we are not married but this is the anniversary of the day we first met. I think it's lovely that he always remembers. One day I will tell you all my story and why I think I'm very lucky I am today. Love him with all my heart.

Laine xxxxxx



aniracj said...

We still celebrate the day we got together, it will always be a special day to us as the day I put my trouble past behind me!! Don't ever forget to celebrate it, it keeps the romance alive!!!

sazzylilsmartazz said...

This is a beautiful entry. It's so good to hear someone talk about love for a change.
Thank you for this inspiring entry and may you and John be in love forever after  and even after that!!!!
The flowers are beautiful and romantic:)

gdireneoe said...

Oh hon', they're GORGEOUS!  What a truly lucky lady you ;)  C.

haileen2003 said...

Oh! Laine - what a lovely Entry...
As you know Allan and I celebrated 18yrs together last weekend...I did have 'Romance' while married, but also a lot of violence through Drink,it broke my heart to 'Divorce, and never thought I would feel for anyone again -
What I have now is different, we love each other unconditionally,and he is my best Friend... and we share everything.
It took 11yrs for Allan to come into my life, and he stayed!

jeadie05 said...

Elaine that is a lovely thing to do ,bless you both and may you both keep on being lucky for many years to come ..........Jan xx

mariebm56 said...

Awwwwwwwww that was so sweet.
You two are truly lucky to have each other.
{{{{Lainey & John}}}}

ally123130585918 said...

Laine You are so very Lucky ~ Seems your dreams have come true ~ Ally

sdrogerson said...

Oh I am so pleased you are happy...........

jmoqueen said...

Awwww what a sweet entry :-)  Hope you had a lovely day to the both of you ;-)

cherry2sweet2eat said...

love the flowers this computer i am on is so crappy and is takin away the beauty of the roses it looks grainey well im back in the hospital :)

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I am so glad that you have John.  Sounds if you have something great together and you know a good thing for what it is.  And I am sure that you make him feel lucky as well.  Hope you all have a life time of happiness.  I have added you to alerts so someday I hope to hear the story of you and John.  Takecare and have a great weekend.  TerryAnn.