Sunday, 5 March 2006

feeling very Sunday

Hello everyone,

Help!!! Im still having trouble making this bit all pretty and adding pictures - I know how to put them in on add pictures but how do you put them in with the main body of text!!! Driving me mad and Ive got some lovely tags done by the lovely Dianna. I put her link there on her name incase you would like to visit her - a lovely journal!

Wasn't it lovely to hear about Joan's daughter's wedding! Also link there for you to visit! I've looked at the lovely pics but havent had chance yet to read it all but by the looks of the pics there might have been a hiccup with the caddilac!! Looked a very pretty bride and didnt our Joan look lovely too.

Anyway, I've had a fairly busy weekend with all the kids here, my back has been alot better. So I think that stuff they injected in is starting to work now.  I've still got the pins and needles in my toes but not too bad.

We went for a lovely walk today - I should have taken pictures!! It was aroiund near where I work at Crowhurst Park and it was nice to see it from a distance.  But, my poor doggie got hurt!! I was so worried about him - he ran after a rabbit and must have caught himself on something - his paw and eye was bleeding!! I phoned the vet when we got home and she said not to worry if its not bothering him and that his eye was ok.  He seems ok now and it did stop bleeding - just a tiny scratch on his eyelid but did I panic!!! My baby cant have him hurt!! He licked his paw better himself - bless him. If it doesn't look right tomorrow the vet said bring him in.  Blimey if anything ever happened to that dog - not worth thinking about - but you realise how very much they mean to you!!!!

We think we might get another dog sometime - not yet - got to let John settle in his job first.  We were thinking of a King Charles Cavalier as they are very friendly and have same sort of temperament as a goldie.  Couldnt have another goldie as there would be no room for them both in the car. Anyway its just a thought at the moment.

We went to Camber Sands on Saturday - oh Oscar just loves it there - he ran in and out of the sea chasing pebbles and just by the way he runs along  you know he is loving it - do you know I really think he is smiling when he is running along the sands!!!

My John is away tomorrow night - he is going to see the people about his new job - he is really positive about it now and looking forward to it.  He is out tonight with his daughter, Emma, I would have loved to have gone too but I have my two boys here and its not always easy to get babysitters.  Anyway, I will definately try and see her next time he goes - nice for him to see her on her own anyway I think.  Cant believe she will be 18  next month and only has a few weeks left at school then its university for her!!!

Right Im going to go now and look up King Charles  Cavalier spaniels - hee hee.

Take care everyone.

Love Laine xxxxxx


aniracj said...

Laine, sweetheart, thankyou so much for the link to my journal!!! And thankyou for the comment about the pics......yep there was a problem with the Cadillac!!! Take care, my Joan

jeadie05 said...

I am so pleased your back is feeling better ,as you see we went to see the wedding and it was really lovely ..........Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

I can teach you how to do all you want with photos.
It is very easty once you master the basics.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

That's not my journal link. It's my homepage. LOL
Here's my journal link.

gdireneoe said...

(((Laine)))  Thank you doll. ;)  Glad your feeling better. ;)  C.

jmoqueen said...

Hope you managed to work out how to add pics :)  Sorry to hear about your doggie but at least he's okay now.  Sounds like you had a nice but busy weekend.