Friday, 31 March 2006

Gold update

LOL now I have got gold I can now set up my wireless router!!! Well I'm well into technology now aren't I!!!  Hee hee it means that when I put this on I will be able to use my laptop anywhere in the house with no cables and still get on the net!!!!!! Well watch this space!! Im now going to try set it up LOL. xxxxxx

AT LAST!!!!!


 Well only took two days to get there! Unbelievable - can't believe how hard that was and its supposed to be easy!!!!

Laine xxx


AAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH - Thats all Im saying about trying to talk to AOL live help, trying to change to Broadband Gold - it's supposed to be easy!!!!!!

Well I've sent a complaint - why do we put up with it!!!!

Laine x

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

He is back!

Hello everyone,

Well I thought I would share with you our local park which is where I have been most of the day today as it was such a lovely day - which is not good as it meant I didnt do any college work that I was supposed to be doing!!!  These photos are especially for my friend Ally - she is a lovely lady I have met in Jland.

 This is Alexander Park in Hastings, my lovely local park.  It's beautiful and this is the lovely cafe that John and I often go to some lunch times.  You can see Oscar there having a sniff!!!

 This is the little stream that runs through the park, there are lots of ponds in this park, the park is huge about  approx. one mile long.

 It's so peaceful in this park you would never guess its in the middle of a town.

 this park is one of the many reasons I love living in Hastings.

 In the distance to the right yu can just see the cafe again and to the left is the bandstand.

 And here is my Oscar being a good boy and sitting for mummy whilst I take his picture!!!!

And, my John arrived home safely, Im glad to have him home!! Because it was such a lovely evening we took the boys and Oscar down the park so the boys could play footie.  I so love these light evenings especially when the sun is out. It means we get to visit the park more often!!!!  Our other favourite place to go for walks in the evenings is Bodiam Castle - when we go there again I will post some pictures for you to see. 

Anyway, take care everyone and if its another glorious day tomorrow I dont think much college work will get done again!!! Oh dear!!

Love Laine xxxx


Tuesday, 28 March 2006


My entries seem to be getting later and later in the day!!! It's now quarter to ten - still can't get used to losing that hour - I'm wide awake at night and so so tired in the mornings - but then I think that's normal for me LOL

Good news though! John is going to be back tomorrow night now - he has got on well this week and will be able to get on better if he comes back tomorrow night. Yippeee!!!!!  He was a bit fed up tonight as they said they would take him out then let him down and he was on his own in the hotel. Wish I was in that hotel with him!!!

I'm back to college tomorrow - can't believe its another week already - always feel my week starts on a Wednesday as Im at college Wed. Thurs. Friday.  I should get my results back from my essay this week.  I think I've done really well - my tutor said it was excellent.  Well if it is a good mark I will publish it on to a journal so you can all read if you want to - not everyone will be interested so thats why Im going to put it on its own journal. I still havent started any work for my installation yet - I will try out some stuff tomorrow morning. So much to fit in especially with John not being here. Im doing his jobs too LOL.

Right I'm off to watch Eastenders - dont usually watch it but it's supposed to be good this week.  Then off to bed. Sorry bit of a boring entry tonight.

Love Laine xxxxxx


Monday, 27 March 2006

Start of a long week

Hi Jland!!

Well this is the start of a long week for me because John is away til Thursday night!  He started his new job today and he said that he got on very well.  The Company needs alot of sorting and John feels that they will let him lead them in the right direction.  There are only 4 of them at the moment (including John).  He has so much to do because of their mistakes in the past he has to bring their name back up too.  He has worked in this field before and is very knowledgable about the products they are going to sell.  Anyway he is very happy to do it and he said they can't go down any further so all he has to do is take them up! He will be working from home eventually but first he needs to liaise with them in the head office. 

John said the car ran like a dream up to Coventry - he said that he enjoyed using the cruise control on the motorway and he was very pleased with it.  Hmmmmm - wish it was mine!!! Never mind I shall enjoy it at weekends!

So here I am tonight all on my little lonesome - the kids are in bed and I'm now feeling lonely.  Got my lovely doggie to keep me company.  The sun came out tonight at six and it was so nice to go for a walk in the woods in the early evening!! Oh how I love summer evenings!!!! YAY!!!!

I hate sleeping on my own - especially at the moment as I keep getting night terrors - its like something is in the room and its going to attack me - John said to me on the phone just now that last night I woke him up saying something was in the room.  I remember being really scared but I dont remember saying that to him!! Poor John too as he had to get up at 4:30am this morning!

I havent been able to eat much today - I think its because Im missing John!! He left me a lovely note that I found in the kitchen this morning after he had gone it said;

Love you very much, you will be in my thoughts every moment we are apart, soon we will be in each others arms again. John xxxx

Isn't that lovely! Bless him - then I get those lovely butterflies in my tummy like I'm falling in love all over again!!! How can that keep happening to me.  Some people say to me 'oh, you wait in a few years you won't be so romantic' - well people said that to me years ago and after five years together if we can still be romantic I'm sure it can last another five years!!! At least I hope so and more!!

Take care everyone.
Laine xxxx

LOL Im  being optimistic, well it is British summertime isnt it????

Sunday, 26 March 2006

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all you mum's out there!  Hope you are all being pampered and got lots of goodies!!  My boys are not back til two today so havent seen them yet.  I'm making tea for our mums (and dads) so no rest me!!! 

Right I better go tidy this house up - you know what its like when your mum is coming round (and mum-in-law) - they tend to have a look see how clean your house is dont they!! LOL And Im an art student LOL I dont do tidy!!! hee hee

So I better scatter fairy dust and magic it tidy!! Oh there is my fairy right there ......


Saturday, 25 March 2006

Sat. evening

Hi Everyone,

Well I'm feeling better this evening! Had a lovely lunch out at the Woolpack Inn, near Rye.  It was a lovely atmosphere, really old pub. It was good food too.  Then John and I went to a tea room and had a cream tea - how greedy is that LOL! But it was really nice and John enjoyed getting to know the new car - but really miserable weather!!! Now we are enjoying an evening in - and..... silence!!! No kids!! LOL Making the most of it - we have them all here for a week next weekend!!! 4 kids!!!! for a week!!! eeeeek - love them all though and really we are lucky they all get on well.  I think Emma might even be coming down to visit us one day too - been ages that we have had all five of them together!

Right tomorrow I will post about my art - and let you know how its all going - I've only got 8 weeks!!! Can't believe Im near the end of my HND already!!!!

Have a good evening,

Love Laine xx


Just a quick entry. Been very lazy this morning - just caught up with all my alerts. Realised I hadnt put an entry in myself!!  Feel very very tired even though I slept from 11:00pm last night til 10:00am this morning - my head feels heavy and I feel wierd - cant really explain it.  Anyway I should be getting dressed now - John is out with the dog and then when he gets back we are going out for a meal to a pub called The Woolpack Inn!! No not the Emmerdale one!! LOL.  No kids this weekend so we are relaxing. Think Im relaxing too much!

Anyway better go!!!!

laine xxx

Thursday, 23 March 2006


Hi everyone,

Well Im still feeling a bit down - not as bad as the other day - but I suppose down is the wrong word - maybe anxious is better. Im anxious that Im not going to get all my work done in time for the exhibition. Im anxious that John's job might not be good and that we have a huge debt now with the new car!!!. Suppose its always hard when life changes and it's a risk! Let's hope it works out ok.

Anyway, my trouble at college is that my tutor found me a room (well sort of long cupboard) for my installation - I moved all my stuff yesterday into the space then today moved it all out again!! Sonja was the tutor today and she agreed with me that the space just wasnt right!! But then that means that I either have to build another one in college somewhere, or get a shed and put it in the playground or just make do with this cupboard - i mean I could make it look good but I have a bad feeling when Im in there! Wierd!!!  Anyway Im off to look at sheds with John in a mo and maybe i could go that way - more expense though - but this is my major show and it's taken me three years to get here! I dont want to just make do!!!!

Will let you know how Im getting on - also got some more pics to post later.

Laine xxxxxxx


Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Feeling wierd

Hi my friends

I feel funny today, crikey so much going on in my head.  One minute Im on such a high and life couldnt be better then today I feel really down and empty and lost - how wierd is that!  I went out with John to the cafe in the park and he was talking to me and I was just staring at all the trees and not listening to what he was saying to me then I could see his frustration and he was upset that I was all quiet and I never did anything about it! I just felt wierd and empty.

When we got home he hugged me and lead me upstairs where we laid on the bed and cuddled. Then I just burst into tears and cried and cried. Lots of things going on in my head.  My back still playing up and fed up with feeling uncomfortable, so the injection never worked, loads of housework and I just ignore it all the time but it piles up, can't get into my art at the moment, feel lost and don't know what to do next, suppose it will be better when I get my space, feel I can't keep all my friends happy, too much to do, brain overload cant cope! Nightmare!!! Everyone says ooooh I admire you Laine - going to college, coping with all the kids and always being happy - well I'm not and I don't!!  John said that James (his eldest boy, 14) noticed that I was not right at the weekend.  Why do I always have to be the happy one, the one who listens to everyone else - the one who makes all the decisions - whenever I feel down everybody comments on it - am I not allowed to be a bit moody and quiet sometimes!!! Oh dear here I go rambling on!! Sorry folks just be having a bit of feel sorry for myself day. 

Anyway I poured it all out to John and he listened and he cuddled me and he said that we both got alot on our minds at the moment and thats probably why we have been bickering a bit.  I love him so much I dont want to fall out with him. Anyway we made up and Im smiling now.

I think what set me off today is that my brother's fiancee had sent me some lovely pictures of my beautiful nephew and I miss them all so much - its frustrating not being able to fit everything in to my life - there isnt enough time!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOL right maybe I need a doctor LOL

Laine xxxxxx


Joe and new car

 We had just had our tube journey on the northern line - right to the end to Morden.  The peugeot showroom was just a short walk up the road and when we turned into the forecourt there was our new car waiting for us!! Was the first time Joe had seen it so he was excited. Big thing for me and John as its the first time we have had to buy a car this expensive - normally before the  company's he has worked for supply a car but this new job we have to buy our own! Big investment but at the end of the day its ours!!

 Professionally parked by me!!! Hee hee - our lovely car now on our driveway! Can't believe its really ours! Well John's really. I was very nervous driving it back from the station (where we had left John's company car this morning). It felt so different to the other Peugeot - they are the same model - both 307 sw but our new one is an xsi - it has 6 gears, it has leather seats and sensors on the back for parking! it did feel different but Im sure I'll get used to it.

Anyway I better go now - we are going down the park for lunch.


Monday, 20 March 2006

My little Joe

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick entry as Im very very tired - travelling all day to London. Just wanted you to know that Joe got on very very well at the hospital the consultant is very pleased with him. He is now a very good height and weight for his age. He is doing really well. The consultant congratulated us actually! He now has to go back in a few months time to have his bloods taken so they can check for his puberty and thyroid and stuff.  As growth hormone is not the only horomone he will be deficient in. Anyway I will explain a bit more sometime and also tomorrow will put some pics in of the new car.  As we were in London with Joe we took the tube over to Morden and picked it up!!! Its lovely - really pleased with it.  Anyway take care and love to you all - especially Diama - hun I hope you are doing ok and that your out of hospital now. Laine xxxxxxxxxxxx


Sunday, 19 March 2006


Hi everyone,

Well Im late tonight because I wasnt at my computer all weekend and I had 145 emails to sort out - most of them alerts! That will teach me not to keep on top of them! Quite a task to do really!

Right I promised you more pictures of the farm - so I will post a few more here. I wonder how that little Jimmy lamb is doing? Hope he is ok.

 This is my little Joe and his friend Jason (Joe on right) - they found a tractor and still and 9 and 10 its a great thing to play on!! Having a great time down on the farm!

 From the left its, sheep!, Jason, Robert, Jonty, Joe and my mate Carol - all smiles (even the sheep) down on the farm!!!

I will post some more sometime - I'm feeling a bit tired now and AOL take so long to upload the photos! But I promise I wont forget them!!

Got a busy week this week.  Taking my Joe (pictured above) to Great Ormond Street tomorrow (for my American friends that's a special very large children's hospital in London). My Joe is Growth Hormone Deficient and he has to be checked about every 6 months at the hospital to make sure he is growing well - he is doing really well bless him! I have to inject him everyday with growth hormone and he is well on average now for his age.  He used to be so tiny - bless him. 

We also pick our car up tomorrrow!!! yeee haaa - will be posting a pic of that tomorrow - that's on the other side of London so when we have finished at the hospital we will get the tube on the Northern Line to Morden and then walk up to the showroom.  Then we will drive our lovely new car home (well to the station to pick up the old car).  Then on Friday John takes his old car back up to Sheffield along with his files and work and stuff - and that will be his last day for that company.  (Means I get full use of new car on Friday!!! yee ha). LOL!

Anyway will let you all know how Joe gets on at hospital. See you soon.

Love Laine xxxx


Saturday, 18 March 2006


Hi guys,

This is just a quick entry to share with you our trip to the sheep farm yesterday - we actually saw a little baby lamb being born - I will give the full story with more pictures on Sunday. But what a wonderful thing to see - new life! It was really lovely.

 This was when the lamb was just minutes old and the mum was licking him to clean him up. She was a first time mum and the farmers did have to encourage her at first.

 This was the moment that baby Jim the lamb first suckled his mum - we watched as he struggled to his feet and then tried to find his food - we all had tears in our eyes.  The children were mesmerized! What a great thing to see. 

More pictures to follow tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Im sorry I havent read your journals I'm really behind on alerts!! Right Im going now to settle down to a film for the rest of my Saturday.

Love Laine xxxxx

Thursday, 16 March 2006

Im so lucky

Five years ago today I first met my John. I'm so very lucky!

For the last five years are love has grown and grown. I'm so very lucky!

For the last five years we have had our ups and our downs. I'm so very lucky!

For the last five years we have shared so very much. I'm so very lucky!

Five years ago I had just my two own lovely children, for the last five years I have shared the joys of John's children too. I'm so very lucky.

Somebody loves me very much, and I love him very much too. Something I thought would never happen to me. I'm so very lucky.

I'm feeling so lucky because whilst I was married to my boys father I thought I would never ever be able to love a man, smile and feel proud with a man, walk hand in hand, stare into each others eyes, share thoughts, dreams and everything! I thought I would never be happy. Dreams do come true and there is true love. I'm so very lucky.

John bought home these flowers to me today - bless him! We don't really have an anniversary because we are not married but this is the anniversary of the day we first met. I think it's lovely that he always remembers. One day I will tell you all my story and why I think I'm very lucky I am today. Love him with all my heart.

Laine xxxxxx


Wednesday, 15 March 2006


I can't believe it!!! I just wrote a great entry and it has all gone - disappeared before my very eyes - when will I learn not to type it straight in - well I'm doing that now so I havent learnt!!!

oooooooooooh so annoying.

Anyway, I did babble at first so wont repeat the babble. Then I was telling you about college.  My tutor said today that he may be able to relocate me to a space where I can do my installation without having to buy lots of mdf and wood and save me some money. It will be a little ready made room. He had to get authorisation first though - Im sure he will.  It's sad though because it means that the girl in there already is being kicked off the course.  Anyway, I have alot to think about for my installation and lots to do. 

1) Take lots more photographs.

2) I have to gather lots of twigs, and acorns and leaves and bits from the woods to decide what people will walk on when they enter my installation.

3) Decide how dark the corridor will be leading to it and will it have any script.

4) I have lots of books my tutor recommends I read about stories in the woods.

5) Decide about lighting, about sounds - oh just too much!!! I have about 12 weeks I think.

I will let you all know what date my exhibition is. Anyone living nearby could visit!!! LOL Anyway that's way off yet in June - but I bet that time will go quickly. I really want to do well - this is my final year of HND and to get onto the course next year I have to do well!! OH so much to do!!!!!

Im feeling tired - just want my bed

Oi ted get out of my bed!!!

Laine xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Oscar's birthday


Mummy do I have to have my photo taken!!!

I was watching the TV!!!!

Oh ok I know Im beautiful!!!

Oh ok then take the picture!!! It is my birthday!!!

Can't believe my baby is four!!!!!



Monday, 13 March 2006

monday feeling

Hello my journal friends,

Well what a funny day I have had.  I didn't have work today for like the first time in ages and I didnt know what to do with myself. I felt I wasted the day really because I just sat infront of the t.v. Watched Jeremy Kyle Show then This Morning - I've often wished when I was working that I was at home with my feet up and when I could do it I felt it was wrong and really lazy. I even started to fall asleep at one point!! How lazy was that!

At lunchtime John stopped working and took me into college so we could measure up for my installation. It was good also because he could get an idea of the space I have to work in so he can help me design my installation. So at least I did do something positive with my day!

I realised that my journal has crept from being about my artwork to more all about my personal life which in a way has happened naturally but I assure you I will still be keeping you up to date with any further developments on the art front.

I'm not working again tomorrow - what am I going to do with myself!!!!

Laine xxxxx

Sunday, 12 March 2006



I found this lovely site where you can make your name all glittery or any word you want for free and then use it in your journal or emails. Worth a visit for those of us who cant make our own graphics LOL.


Beautiful graphic

I just wanted to share this beautiful graphic with you that my lovely friend Dianna made for me. Stop by and pay Dianna a visit at her journal, you will just love her creations. She is a very clever! Right now Im off for a long soak in the bath. Take care all. Laine xxx

New Car found!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a good weekend. Well, now John def. decided to go for the new job we had to buy a new car pretty quick!! Only two weeks to go before he starts!!  So panic panic!!! Panic no longer though!! We found our lovely car yesterday!! Im so excited about it - it gorgeous!!! The exciting thing about it is that it will be all ours - no longer a company car.   We had two cars to look at yesterday one in Ilford, Essex and one in Morden SW London.  So we drove all the way to London yesterday, started out at 9:30am.  The car we test drove in Ilford was nice but it wasn't really the colour we were after also it had quite a few bumps on it.  We held it verbally for the rest of the day then drove all the way over to the other side of London to see the car in Morden.  Well all we could say was WOW when we saw it - it is in beautiful condition, lovely colour, only 18 months old and a good price.  We test drove it and I could tell John had fallen in love with it as I had!!! So after a little dealing with the salesperson we are now the proud owners of a Peugeot 307 sw xsi HDI136 (ive no idea what all that means either so here is a picture of it!).

Now the one in the picture above is the closest I could get to show you our new purchase, the picture shows a · 307 SW SE HDi 136. Ours is a XSI (doesnt look any different to me!) - Im not really that into cars.  Anyway we pick this baby up in a couple of weeks - i cant wait!!! Im so excited!! Silly me!!! The reason Im so excited it that eventually it will become my car (3 yrs time!).  I still have to put up with my trusty Ford Escort but at least I can drive the new one when John doesnt need it!!

Right so now Ive bored you to tears Im off to take the doggie out in the sun - oh and buy the way Im working on John about a new puppy!!! I want a King Charles Cavalier - my Oscar loves other dogs and I think it would be a great little friend for him.  But, John says we have to wait a while - let him settle in new job first.  Me broody for another pup!! LOL

Laine xxxxxx

Friday, 10 March 2006



LOL how did this dog get into my journal. Can anyone catch him for me!!! Laine xxxxx P.S. I forgot to tell you his name is Scamp!!!!!  LOL


Hi everyone,

Firstly, for Stuart - no it wasnt Heriot Watt it was Edinburgh - well now I have learnt something!!!!

Hope everyone is ok and that you all have a great weekend.  I have had a really wierd week - would never have thought that I would have gone to Edinburgh!! Great to do things on a whim.

I must tell you about our flight back though - so so scary!!! We were coming in to land at Gatwick and all of a sudden things didnt feel right - the engine seemed to be accelerating again and then the plane turned sharply on its side and then the pilot said that we had had to pull up quickly as the plane that landed before us was still on runway and we would have been too close!!!!!! Well do you know what first went into my head when the plane went all wierd - what if I cant see my kids again!!! I was so glad to be on ground again believe me!!!! I hate flying!!!

My boys have just gone off to their Dad and John will soon be arriving with his boys - so a bit of a quieter weekend for us.  We are going to look at a new car tomorrow - a Peugeout 307sw - its in Ilford, Essex. So bit of a trip for us in the morning! John's bosses gave him an offer to stay the other day which made things difficult - it was a very hard morning this morning as he had to tell them for definate - anyway Im glad to say that he has def opted for the new job now and no turning back.  He starts on 27th March so we need to get the car like now!!! Time is running out! It's all exciting now and Im sure he will do well - he is worried incase it doesnt work out and I said oh well just get another job if it doesn't.  If you dont take chances when they come along then you end up regretting that you didnt at least try.  So I think we have made the right decision.

I probably wont be back online til Sunday night so I hope you all have a good weekend and I will look forward to seeing what you have all been up to!

Laine xxxxxx


Thursday, 9 March 2006

Edinburgh University

Hi everyone,


I can’t believe it, I just typed a lovely entry and it’s disappeared. So here I go again!


Edinburgh!!  Well why did I go? I expect you have all been wondering.  Well John’s daughter Emma needed to go for the day to look at the University.  She had had her airline tickets booked for months to go with a friend.  He let her down the day before, can you believe that.  So anyway she phoned John in a panic, bless her.  He said of course he would go with her.  He had to juggle work a bit, but you do for you kids don’t you!  Anyway, he was pleased to be able to go with her.  Anyway, when John rung me to say he was going I was having lunch with my mate Maria.  Maria said to me, when I came off the phone, why don’t you go with them mate?  ‘oh, I can’t, mate’, I said.  ‘yes you can mate, I will have the kids for you’.  Anyway so I phoned John and he made sure it was ok with Emma and as long as I could get on the flight then I was going!!  As soon as I got home I looked on internet and yes I could get on – cost £100 though, but what the hell!!!


Anyway, we had a great day.  A very long and tiring daythough, got up at 3am – didn’t get home again til 1:30am.  It is a lovely university, set in a lovely place. I loved the city – really pretty.  We were at the Uni from 9:00am til about 4pm.  They showed us round and we looked at the halls of residence, very nice!  They gave us a lovely lunch and in the afternoon took us parents off while the students had a good look around, without us, and they could talk to tutors.  Emma is interested in meteorology and really Edinburgh is more physics, she likes physics and she did like the university but its so far from home.  She did look round Reading and that is more for meteorology so I think she might choose that one.  After the day at the university we had a coach take us to the city.  We had  walk round the National gallery, we walked up the Royal Mile and we walked up to the castle.  Then we found somewhere nice to eat, it was  a lovely Italian restaurant.  Then we headed back for the airport – all absolutely tired by this time. 


Me and Em, Edinburgh Castle can be seen in the background.



John and Em


Edinburgh Castle.



I took this one with my mobile phone, I loved the way the sunset was silohetting the statue.  This was by the castle.

Me and John!!


I did have some more pictures, but I got so fed up with my journal keep disappearing!! Anyway, gives you some idea of our day. 


Hope you are all ok, I will look at your journals soon - just been so tired since I got back. 

Love Laine xxxx



Tuesday, 7 March 2006

quick entry

Hey folks,

Thought I would just do a quick entry.  Im off to Edinburgh tomorrow!!!! Blimey never knew I would be doing that.  Anyway will tell you all about it on Thursday!!!

Laine xxxxxx


Monday, 6 March 2006

Wow Stuart Ive done it again!!!!

  Yay, look what I can do now thanks to Stuart. Stuart is just so helpful!!! Thank you Stuart!!!! xxxxxxxx

This is a picture of my Sam, my Dad and my Joe on my 40th birthday last August. Think its much nicer and better to have the pics within the text like that.

Im all on my own tonight.  John went to see his new boss today - for his new job.  He says that there is a hell of alot to do and that the business is in a very sorry state so it would be a very big risk going there, also very challenging for him.  I said to him well there is only one way to go with it now and thats up.  I think the company has about 8 months to get better before it folds so that gives John some time to sort it out. I'm sure he can do it - I just have the feeling - well infact I know he can do it!!  When he comes back tomorrow night we will talk it all over again.

Right I must go now and play with this photo thing Ive got hee hee!!!

love Laine xxxx


Thank you Stuart

 Yay Look Stuart showed me how to get this graphic into my Journal - now I feel all clever!!!! My next lesson is photos. Thanks Stuart.  Also thanks to everyone else who have given me tips too.

Love Lainexxx

Sunday, 5 March 2006

feeling very Sunday

Hello everyone,

Help!!! Im still having trouble making this bit all pretty and adding pictures - I know how to put them in on add pictures but how do you put them in with the main body of text!!! Driving me mad and Ive got some lovely tags done by the lovely Dianna. I put her link there on her name incase you would like to visit her - a lovely journal!

Wasn't it lovely to hear about Joan's daughter's wedding! Also link there for you to visit! I've looked at the lovely pics but havent had chance yet to read it all but by the looks of the pics there might have been a hiccup with the caddilac!! Looked a very pretty bride and didnt our Joan look lovely too.

Anyway, I've had a fairly busy weekend with all the kids here, my back has been alot better. So I think that stuff they injected in is starting to work now.  I've still got the pins and needles in my toes but not too bad.

We went for a lovely walk today - I should have taken pictures!! It was aroiund near where I work at Crowhurst Park and it was nice to see it from a distance.  But, my poor doggie got hurt!! I was so worried about him - he ran after a rabbit and must have caught himself on something - his paw and eye was bleeding!! I phoned the vet when we got home and she said not to worry if its not bothering him and that his eye was ok.  He seems ok now and it did stop bleeding - just a tiny scratch on his eyelid but did I panic!!! My baby cant have him hurt!! He licked his paw better himself - bless him. If it doesn't look right tomorrow the vet said bring him in.  Blimey if anything ever happened to that dog - not worth thinking about - but you realise how very much they mean to you!!!!

We think we might get another dog sometime - not yet - got to let John settle in his job first.  We were thinking of a King Charles Cavalier as they are very friendly and have same sort of temperament as a goldie.  Couldnt have another goldie as there would be no room for them both in the car. Anyway its just a thought at the moment.

We went to Camber Sands on Saturday - oh Oscar just loves it there - he ran in and out of the sea chasing pebbles and just by the way he runs along  you know he is loving it - do you know I really think he is smiling when he is running along the sands!!!

My John is away tomorrow night - he is going to see the people about his new job - he is really positive about it now and looking forward to it.  He is out tonight with his daughter, Emma, I would have loved to have gone too but I have my two boys here and its not always easy to get babysitters.  Anyway, I will definately try and see her next time he goes - nice for him to see her on her own anyway I think.  Cant believe she will be 18  next month and only has a few weeks left at school then its university for her!!!

Right Im going to go now and look up King Charles  Cavalier spaniels - hee hee.

Take care everyone.

Love Laine xxxxxx

Saturday, 4 March 2006

Hi Everyone,

I've been doing a bit of reading and found this quote.

"The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purposes through him. As a human being he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist he is "man" in a higher sense - he is "collective man," a vehicle and moulder of the unconscious psychic life of mankind." (from 'Psychology and Literature', 1930)


I'm very interested in reading well at the moment I think its because I need to be a bit more intellectual if Im to do this degree course next year.  I suddenly realised that Im not very well read.  So I've asked my tutor to give me a reading list. He gave me some ideas to look up and whilst I was looking up I found the above quote which after a reading it a couple of times reads very well. What do you all think? Sometimes I feel a little nieve and that I should really be able to understand such quotes and writing.  I have been looking at Carl Jung  a Psychologist - very interesting stuff as I learn more I will let you know - heavy reading at the moment!!!! hee hee


Also my tutors said I should read about the shaman  - they said I should read about that then walk in the woods and I might have a different view!!! Well thats interesting I will have a go - basically folks Im trying to educate myself a bit LOL - wonder how long that will last.   


Bit heavy for a Saturday morning LOL

Love Laine xxxx

Thursday, 2 March 2006

Feeling excited

Hello everyone,

Sorry I had to turn my alerts off again - Im really not being a very good journaler at the moment am I!! Well I'm going to make up for it and scan all your journals in a minute! 

I had my tutorial today and it went really really well.  I got two merits with 3 stars on each! Wow!!! Still not a distinction but then I've still got that to aim for.  I had excellent comments from my tutor like exemplary, highest order and excellent were some of the words in the tutors comments!!! Can't be bad - I will try and type out his comments so you can read them.  His writing is hard to read!!  In my tutorial today they agreed with me that I should do some sort of installation - well folks this is a new beginning yet again - still with my trees but I will be brining the outside inside with my imagery!! I will let you know how it goes as it moves along!  I still havent worked out how to serialise my essay on here - I will do eventually!! LOL My tutor said that I am the great messenger from the woods!!

Thanks to Stuart for mentioning to me Franz Kafta, my tutor was impressed! He said, oh he is an old friend of mine, ha ha!!! He also gave me someone else to look up Walt Whitman, Specimen Days - now thats interesting Stuart!!!

So only three months then it will be our major exhibition and it will be the end of three years spent at college!! Hopefully I will be staying for another year if I manage to get on the degree top-up!!!

Well on the epidural front, nothing seems to have changed much - Im still in discomfort and infact had more pain than before!! So its not good at the moment. I hope it gets better soon - I really dont know how long Im supposed to give it before it works.

Anyway, I will be visiting all your journals tonight, so see you there!!

Love Laine xxx