Thursday, 9 March 2006

Edinburgh University

Hi everyone,


I can’t believe it, I just typed a lovely entry and it’s disappeared. So here I go again!


Edinburgh!!  Well why did I go? I expect you have all been wondering.  Well John’s daughter Emma needed to go for the day to look at the University.  She had had her airline tickets booked for months to go with a friend.  He let her down the day before, can you believe that.  So anyway she phoned John in a panic, bless her.  He said of course he would go with her.  He had to juggle work a bit, but you do for you kids don’t you!  Anyway, he was pleased to be able to go with her.  Anyway, when John rung me to say he was going I was having lunch with my mate Maria.  Maria said to me, when I came off the phone, why don’t you go with them mate?  ‘oh, I can’t, mate’, I said.  ‘yes you can mate, I will have the kids for you’.  Anyway so I phoned John and he made sure it was ok with Emma and as long as I could get on the flight then I was going!!  As soon as I got home I looked on internet and yes I could get on – cost £100 though, but what the hell!!!


Anyway, we had a great day.  A very long and tiring daythough, got up at 3am – didn’t get home again til 1:30am.  It is a lovely university, set in a lovely place. I loved the city – really pretty.  We were at the Uni from 9:00am til about 4pm.  They showed us round and we looked at the halls of residence, very nice!  They gave us a lovely lunch and in the afternoon took us parents off while the students had a good look around, without us, and they could talk to tutors.  Emma is interested in meteorology and really Edinburgh is more physics, she likes physics and she did like the university but its so far from home.  She did look round Reading and that is more for meteorology so I think she might choose that one.  After the day at the university we had a coach take us to the city.  We had  walk round the National gallery, we walked up the Royal Mile and we walked up to the castle.  Then we found somewhere nice to eat, it was  a lovely Italian restaurant.  Then we headed back for the airport – all absolutely tired by this time. 


Me and Em, Edinburgh Castle can be seen in the background.



John and Em


Edinburgh Castle.



I took this one with my mobile phone, I loved the way the sunset was silohetting the statue.  This was by the castle.

Me and John!!


I did have some more pictures, but I got so fed up with my journal keep disappearing!! Anyway, gives you some idea of our day. 


Hope you are all ok, I will look at your journals soon - just been so tired since I got back. 

Love Laine xxxx




sugarsweet056 said...

Loved the pics!!! Gives me a look at the world from my tiny little spot in it!
Blessings dearie,

haileen2003 said...

Hi! Lainey~ didn't get any 'Alerts' at all today..not just you!
What a nice Day you had, and so glad you could make it.
You are doing great with Pictures...

ally123130585918 said...

Lainey ~ glad you got to go on that trip ~ sounds like you had a lovely time ~ and the pictures are great ~ Ally

sugarsweet056 said...

I've been getting your alerts ok!!! Also i emailed you but haven't had a reply back yet. You take care.

sdrogerson said...

Didn't get an alert for this entry thanks for letting me know.
Is this Edinburgh or Herriot Watt?

jeanno43 said...

I did not get an alert, I think they are very hit and miss so I do not know whether people are getting alerts on me or not,I think some are and some are not.  Glad you had a lovely day, great photographs

jeadie05 said...

NO ALERT ,Thanks for letting us know, look what I would have missed ,great pictures, nice to meet you all The one time I was in Eninburgh ,I had the best lasagne,in an Italian restaraunt ,somewhere on the golden mile !!!............Jan xx

sunflowerkat321 said...

I was in Edinburgh for several days YEARS ago.  My daughter was not quite two at the time.

I carried her all over that city in a baby backpack...and it was wonderful.  I remember the castle well....

What a treat, a last minunte whirlwind trip!

aniracj said...

Thanks for the link. Aol alerts are all doo lally again!!! We love Edinburgh, but not all the steps cos they go on forever!!! A lovely family day out & at the end of the day, if she does not go there at least you have good memories of your day out!!

gillandroyston said...

Glad you had good day in Edinburgh. Have you heard of cow parade ? they are full size cows made of fibreglass and decorated by artists and sold for charity. Know you like art like me so thought you might be interested. Let me know what you think. The next exhibition is in Edinburgh starting in May x
P.S. I bet somewhere there is one with trees on !

mariebm56 said...

These are great!!  I hope you took alot of photos!!!
I tried before to post, but AOL wasn't responding...; (

cherry2sweet2eat said...

great photos i have been in the hospital thats why i havent came by.

jmoqueen said...

Great pics and nice to put a face to the name :-)  Glad you had a good day xx