Wednesday, 31 May 2006


Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that I am still alive!  My panels were delivered to college this morning - two of which I have already pasted on.  So relieved that they got there safely without too much trouble - we hired a Luton Van - John drove it in! We have James here to help us with it and later on this afternoon we are going back down the college to put the panels altogether. Then I can carry on pasting the images on.  I've found something to cover the floor and my friend is making the curtains for the entrance.  All is going well so far so fingers crossed.

Joe is getting on really well - we have had three visits to Great Ormond Street - by next Friday 9th June the test will be all over and we should get the results. He only has three more injections to have - they are not very nice injections - they go in his thigh muscle - but he is very very brave!!

Anyway, I hope you are all fine and I will be back soon. Take care and keep journaling!!!!

Love Laine xxxx

By Sazzy

Monday, 22 May 2006

Great Ormond Street

Just did a huge entry about my day at the hospital and lost it - it would not save then when I refreshed the page it disappeared - so Im not happy!! Well suffice to say Joe is ok and he got on really well today bless him - he was a very brave lad.  The ward was lovely and the nurse and doctor very kind.  Joe now has 8 more appointments to attend - three being in London the rest at the local Doctors. 

Really cant wait for those three weeks to be over - also my work should be finished by then too I hope!!

Anyway, Im gonna turn my alerts off for a while - I got about 400!!! LOL I hope you are all ok and Im going to keep in touch just got so much work to do.

Finally, its my John's birthday today - Happy Birthday Darling!

See you all soon.

Laine xx

Sunday, 21 May 2006


So sorry I havent been in touch just lately!  I just want to say thank you for all your kind comments.  I will try and visit your journals soon.  I want to say thank you to my lovely friend Debbie . Thanks Debbie you have been such a good friend and I appreciate it. xxx

My Mum is now home and is feeling well. She did have an Angina attack and it was good that my Dad saw the signs.  He used to be a first aider so he knew she was having a heart attack - thanks to him she got into hospital in time and now it can be controlled with tablets.

Im going to be very busy this week. Up in London at the hospital on Monday and Thursday.  I will let you know how I get on.  Hope you are all well!

I think Ive got my record alerts - I have 393 to get through.

Right update on art stuff!!! Im busy sticking on my images.  Still only two panels made - dont know how Im going to get much done in the week as Joe comes first with his hospital appointments. Anyway, the college is being painted and got ready for us to install our artwork - the first year students have to paint it all white and put the partitions up - I had to do that last year - so glad I dont have to do it this year - anyway I have two weeks to get it done so I can hire a van to take it in.  When it is up I will take pics for you all to see - Im trying not to panic but I cant see how Im gonna get it all done!!! eeeeeeeeeeek!!!

Anyway Im off now, take care.

bye for now Love Laine xx

This is one of my cat's Sophie  - she wanted to say hello! xxx

Wednesday, 17 May 2006


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all being so supportive.  I chatted with my Mum on the phone - she has one at the hospital.  She didnt want me to drive over and see her tomorrow - but I've arranged the children and the dog and Im going to go see her tomorrow!!  My Dad is really pleased Im coming - so am I!  She has to have an angiogram tomorrow - still dont know when they will let her home though. But Im so glad I will see her tomorrow.

Been a very busy day with all the phone calls and sorting out!!  Also on ebay I sold my first item!! I put it on for 9.99 and sold it for 21.50 - Im well pleased! I think I could become addicted to this ebay thing!

Im so sorry I am very behind with my alerts - I will catch up with you soon - just to let you know I really appreciate all your comments.

Laine xxx (Thought I would add this picture of me and my mum)

Thank you

I want to say thank you to everyone for yesterday for all your kind comments and emails!  You are all really very kind.  I really appreciate it alot.

My mum is much much better today - so thats good news - they are still keeping her in to do more tests - she has moved to a much nicer and brighter ward.  I hope to go and see her tomorrow.  She doesnt want me to go to any trouble but I will try as I want to see her myself.  She said she would rather I came at the weekend - so I will see what my Dad says when I ring him tonight.  Anyway, at least she out of the pain and only now has to wait for tests to be done.

Thanks to Stuart he found my link for ebay so here it is Elaine's items on ebay! Our Stuart is so clever!!!

Right I better get on with some work - really neglected it lately - been alot going on!!! Im really worried that I wont get it finished in time.

Take care,


That's what I feel like!!!!! Im really tired!!!!

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

A real sad Tuesday

I really havent had a very good day today!

Was feeling low because John went away - not back til Friday.

Feeling low about the hospital trips with Joe next week - dont really want to go on my own!  I hope he is alright - been thinking about when Im going to tell Joe what he has coming ahead of him.

Was feeling low because I'm so behind with my college work!

Then my Dad phones me tonight - my Mum was taken into hospital today - they think she has Angina.  I was just sent into shock then.  My poor Dad he probably not feeling good himself had to put up with me blubbering down the phone.  She is ok - they have kept her in over night to do tests - as there is a history of heart disease in my Mum's family they have to make sure she is ok before she goes home.  They said if it is Angina it can be treated.  I feel so far away over here in Hastings - and my Mum in hospital in Brighton.  I said to my Dad I would come over tomorrow and he said not to.  I wish John was here! Why do these things happen when the men folk are not around!! I need him to hold me!!!

I will keep you posted.

Laine xxx

Monday, 15 May 2006


Hi Everyone

Just a quick entry to say hello.  Sorry Im very behind on alerts!! I've been busy listing on ebay - I now have four items on there!! I didnt know it was so hard to do and took so long!!! Means I've neglected my alerts - I have 114 of them to go through!!  I will catch up soon I hope!!

Hope you all had a good weekend.  Mine went really quick - we only manage to make one more panel for my installation - still have three to make and time is running out fast.  I've really got to get on with it this week!  John is away this week - he goes tomorrow morning then comes back late Thursday night or early Friday morning!! He is off to Germany for work to look round the factory they have there.  I will miss him greatly but it will enable me to get a bit more work done - amazing when men folk are not about you can get on - dont you agree girls! LOL  I will miss him though!! 

I've got my two friends Maria and Carol coming round tomorrow for tea - with their kids! Thats 8 of us for tea tomorrow!! Then its Carol's turn to make tea on Wednesday night!! Keeps the kids amused and it means one of us has a break from doing tea!!  Im going to do bangers, mash and veg!! 

Anyway, Im off to give John lots of cuddles as I wont be able to for the rest of the week!!!!!

Love Laine xxx

Thanks to Dianna for my tag today.



Sunday, 14 May 2006


A one-line incase my alerts didnt go out!! Good old AOL!! LOL Lainexxx

Castles and Princesses

I've been talking to Dianna today about Castles and Princesses and how lovely it would be to be eight again and dress up all in pink and glitter and have a lovely Princess themed room!  Aww and how lovely wouldn't it be girls to be swept off our feet by a handsome prince on horse back!! LOL.

Well Dianna, bless her heart, sent me this gorgeous tag - i just had to show you all.

Isnt it just beautiful!!!

Also today I was really proud of myself and I have actually listed an item on Ebay!! yee ha It took ages to put on!!! Well I will see how that goes then I might start selling some more stuff.

Take care and I hope you are all having a good weekend. 

Laine xxx


Friday, 12 May 2006


A one liner to let you know I've done an alert below - I messed it up so you might not get an alert for it LOL . Laine xxx


Hello Everyone,

Friday again!! Already!!! Where is this time going - I dont have enough of it!!! EEEEK.  I'm doing quite well with printing my images off - I have now printed and cut to size 400 of them - I only have 112 to go!! Then I have to paste them on to the panels - the panels are 5ft x 6ft high!!  We only have one panel made so far!!  Hopefully we will get on and make another two panels tomorrow!

My Sam went out into town for the first time tonight on his own with friends.  I must say I felt nervous the whole time he was out - he is only 12!!!  They went to a nightclub for 12 to 18 year olds.  I thought 12 is a bit young to be going out!!  Anyway, we walked along the seafront and watched them waiting in line to go in the club and it looked like Sam and his friends were not going to be let in.  So I was ready to go and get him back!! But then the lady on the door let them in.   We picked him up at 9:30pm - he was absolutely full of it and had thoroughly enjoyed himself - he said they weren't allowed in as it's 13 - 18 not 12!!!! Anyway the lady on the door didnt want them to be walking the streets (they didnt know I was across the road watching!) so she let them in so they were at least safe!  Anyway, at least I now know he cant go til he is 13 - well he only has 3 months to wait for that!  Glad he is back safe and sound though.

Only one more week then I have to be taking my Joe up to Great Ormond Street Hospital for his tests!!  Im going to tell him at the weekend all about it as I have to inform his school of his absence on Monday.  The tests start on 22nd May - cant believe that is only a week away!

We havent got John's boys with us this weekend - so it is just the four of us.  Me, John, Sam and Joe. 

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Tag by Dianna.

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Hotair balloon

Well I think my pictures tell the story tonight!! We had a lovely stroll out with the dog to Bodiam castle and the boys had a great game of football!!! It was a lovely evening.

Love Laine xxxxx


Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Oneliner alert

My oneliner to alert you of my entry of this evening - a few pics for you! Laine xxx


Went for a lovely walk with John, the kids and Oscar tonight - we went through the woods ( I know he is at the beach in that picture).  Well I did take some pictures in the woods but they didnt come out very well!!  So lovely now that the evenings are light and we can go on our evening walks.  We either go down the beach or across the road to the woods. I think we are so lucky to be able to choose beach, woods or fields!! The woods are gorgeous at the moment - lovely bluebells are out.  A couple of pics came out ok.  Yeah, why not I'll post them.  Here we go.................

 Im not the world's greatest photographer - was trying to capture the beauty of these wild flowers! They created a lovely atmosphere in the woods - and the fragrance was lovely too!

 Half way round everyone wanted to sit on the bench - the kids are trying to get John off!! Hee hee.

 Well it wouldnt be the same without one of my tree pics would it!! LOL

night night everyone. Sorry Im behind on alerts!! Thank you to Stuart for all your help today!! I will catch up with alerts soon, promise!!

Laine xxxx


Really need your help guys on entry below if you didnt get an alert for it!!! I think especially Stuart may be able to help me as I know you like your music Stuart!!! Laine xxxx

MP3's and ebay!!

Hello everyone,

Well I have been busy on ebay as I wanted to surprise John for his birthday with an MP3 player - hmmm dont ask how but I've ended up with three of them!! 

There is this one; which says its an MP4 player but supports MP3 files (but Im a bit worried) can anyone help as Im wondering if it will play my MP3 files ok?? Will it?? It says it supports MP3!! What does that mean? Oh crikey have a made a huge mistake.  Anyway this one below cost me £29.00 (incl. postage and packing).


BRAND New One GB MP3/MP4/MTV player w/  FM radio, 1.5" 65K color display - Black


Then I bought these two: LOL poor Debbie  are gal from Essex was Im'ing me last night whilst I was buying these two LOL we did laugh as I kept losing bids but then ended up with two well Deb you can now see Ive got three!!! Dont ever shop with Deb folks she is a shopaholic LOL.

1GB MP3 WMA FM Rec Player USB Flash Drive 7 Colors Backlight

Right so now I have three!! Silly me!! Anyway which one shall I give John?? They are all better than mine and can anyone tell me if the MP4 will be any good to me?? Awww helllllllllllllppppppppp!!!

Love Laine xxxx

Monday, 8 May 2006

Entry went in about Joe

Just to let you know as it was a huge entry you may not get an alert - so look below!! LOL Laine xxx

My Joe

I told you all about Sam yesterday now is the turn of my second born Joe. Bless him!! Joe has been a little bundle of trouble ever since I fell pregnant with him.  When Joe decided to be born – he did so very quickly!!  I just about got to the hospital and as soon as they got me on a bed – he literally shot out!! I was complaining like mad as I wanted an epidural and they wouldn’t give it me – I was convinced I couldn’t do it without painkillers but I did!  Anyway Joe was born quick but the placenta decided not to come at all!  So even though I had Joe naturally I had to go to surgery to deliver the placenta – ended up have an epidural and a general anaesthetic!!


Joe was cold when he was born so had to be put in an incubator for a while to warm him up so I couldn’t hold him when I came round from my op – he also couldn’t be breast fed as he needed warm milk quite frequently.  When we got him home – just after 5 days he had really bad jaundice so was up the Royal Alex having to have blood tests – he was so tiny onl y 7 pounds 2 oz and they had such trouble getting the blood out – I found it hard to bear.  Joe would not drink from the bottle properly – we tried all the teats in Boots!!! Joe would not potty train – I thought he would be in nappies forever! Joe would never go to sleep!! Joe was a lovely cute little kid – always smiling and always making us laugh but he was hard work and still is.  My friends said that now I got my comeuppance! I sure did!  Bless him from the ages of 1 to 2 he didn’t grow! Me and the health visitor monitored his growth and convinced the Doctors something was wrong – anyway after loads of tests later he wasfinally diagnosed as growth hormone deficient. He is now treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and is doing fantastically well!!!


Awww bless my Joe – he has put up with a lot since he has been born – he is hard work though sometimes!  I think we both clash! He rubs me up the wrong way and I do him – but then the next minute we are the best of pals.  He still is my baby and loves to cuddle – he will still hold my hand and he is ten!! I don’t want him to ever stop being my little boy!!  Joe hates school work – he would much rather be playing football or playing his guitar. He still does well at school though – he is usually in the middle groups – not bad not excellent but he tries hard.


That's all about my Joe - well I could say loads about him but it would be a huge entry!! LOL.


Hope you are all well and have a good week - Im on my own tonight - John away! Boo hoo. Missing him already.


Love Laine xxxx


Sunday, 7 May 2006

my kids

Tonight I thought I would do an entry about my two boys Sam and Joe.  First Sam - i will talk about Joe tomorrow. As you know I also have three wonderful step-children, Emma, James and Chris. One day I will do a post about them too.  But tonight its dedicated to my two boys.

Sam (12) - Sam is my first born - bless him such a lovely boy - never ever any trouble - always willing to help - never moans - never quarrels (well he does with his brother!!).  He was born in 1993 - Had quite an easy birth as I had an epidural - bliss!!! hee hee - I went into labour quite quickly and the pain was unbearable so they agreed to put the epidural in. Anyway 10 hours after they had put it in out came Sam - was a bit worried at first as he was stressed with such a hard birth - they used venteouse in the end (dont know how to spell that) its a kind of sucker they put on the baby's head!! Both me and Sam were very tired by the end so needed a little help.  Anyway, he was fine in the end and a very big bouncy baby boy at 9 pounds 1 ounce!!  He certainly was hungry and couldnt feed off me so unfortunately I had to put him on a bottle.  My friends were always envious of such a good baby - he hardly ever cried!  He was so good. As a toddler he was a delight - always happy and always chatting - when I read to him at night - at the age of 2 he would know if I missed any words out!!  when Sam was 9 months old he had severe asthma and bronchial attacks - it was so scary and he had to go the Royal Alex (Brighton) quite often.  By the time he was 5 he was grown out of it!!When Sam started school I was so proud of him - 5 years old - dressed in his red sweater and looking very smart - awwww I didnt want my baby to leave me.  He was so ready for school though - and he thoroughly enjoyed it - I used to go and help out at his school - my Mum had Joe for me.  Sam has grown up to be a lovely boy - the teachers at his schools have always loved teaching him and always say he is a pleasure to teach.  He is very popular with his school mates and is always kind and helpful.  I always feel like crying with pride when I hear such comments.  Sam is very intelligent and always excelling at school - even though he is in year 7 he is actually doing year 9 work!!! So so proud of my boy Sam.

Laine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi everyone,
Today I posted about tags from Dianna and Diama (Cherry) - Dianna posted the comments below - so you all know that her rules are simple about her tags and she doesnt ask you to give her a mention - even though some people who make tags do.
In addition I don't ask for a link back or a mention although some do. My rules are simple and on my sidebar ~ Dianna
Comment from sazzylilsmartazz - 07/05/06 18:21

Please be advised that they can have as many tags as they want as long as the tags are not marked expired. The tags marked expired are in the archives anyway. Just thought I'd clear that one up.
Comment from sazzylilsmartazz - 07/05/06 18:18

So thanks Dianna for letting me know that!! xxxxx
Laine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

my entry

Just to let you know I have done an entry below!!!! In case you dont get the alert!!! Laine xxxxxxxx

Beautiful Tags

Today Im sharing with you this beautiful tag made for me by Dianna at Sazzy Kreationz . Click on her link and visit - Im sure you will love all the beautiful tags she makes. As long as you don't demand too much and please give her a mention in your journal with a thank you!, Im sure she would make you a tag.  I just want you to know Dianna how much I appreciate the tags you make for me!

While Im talking about creations - we have another clever girl in our journal land - Cherry! Infact Cherry I havent visited your tag site lately - I should!!!  Here folks is another very creative girl - try giving her a visit at Chocolate Cherried Creations. Again Cherry would appreciate it if you didnt just snag her tags or not say thank you or anything if she goes to the trouble of making one for you.  I think its very important not to take our creative girls for granted!!!!


Here is a tag Cherry did for me a while ago - its probably not available now but it gives you an idea of how talented she is!!!! Go girl!!!

That's my entry today dedicated to Dianna and Cherry.

Love Lainexxxx

Saturday, 6 May 2006

Really Late


Oh dear!!! Poor John and James are warn out tonight after doing my panels today - they only got one panel done  - bless them - it did take a while!! Not easy thing to do and as it was raining they had to do it indoors in the lounge - its a good job we have a huge lounge otherwise they could never have done it. I really appreciate what they are doing for me!  John got a bit snappy earlier - i said the wrong thing - blimey I tried hard all day not to do that!!! Can never win can we girls?  He is terrible when he gets tired - snaps at the slightest thing!! Oh well we made up now anyway!!!

Had a great evening tonight - we all played with Sam's PS2 - a game called Buzz - a quiz show - we have got the music one - the boys were getting a bit frustrated with me as I always win!! Cant help it I just love my music!!

Its John's birthday on 22nd May - also the day I have to take Joe to Great Ormond Street!!  Anyway, I dont know what to get John as we really have no money at the moment!!  I think I will get him an MP3 off of Ebay - I got one the other day and it only cost £17.00 - which I think was quite good!! I can get over 100 songs on it!!  Yes i think thats what I should get him!!!  When he travels on the train he would enjoy that!

I downloaded tonight a beautiful song I hadnt heard for years called Africa by Toto - if you get the chance download it - its really calming!!

Anyway night night to those of you still up!!! Im off to bed now!!! Have a great Sunday!

Beautiful tag made by Dianna,

Friday, 5 May 2006

Friday Night

Hello Everyone,

A bit of a late entry tonight.  Im very tired! I have been busy all day printing off the images for my installation.  The boys are (as I speak) drawing up plans for the room! Exciting stuff!! Looks complicated to me - glad Im just the artist not the carpenter! James and John will be busy all day tomorrow building the panels!! Bless them.

Thank you so much to everyone for the lovely comments I received when I told you all I got on to the course - really meant alot.

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy weekend and I'll be back soon.

Love Lainexxxxx

Thanks to Ryan for my lovely tag.

Wednesday, 3 May 2006

I did it!!!

Hi Folks,

I got a letter this morning!!!!!!!!  From the college!!!!

And guess what????

I got on to the degree course for September!!!!! Yeeee Ha!!!!!!

Im so happy I could scream!!!! There were only 6 places and Im one of them!!! I cant wait now!!!!

Love Laine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 2 May 2006

My exhibition and little Joe

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well and that all you Brits enjoyed our Bank Holiday weekend - even though the weather was a bit naff!! Typical!!

We had a lovely weekend, had a lovely meal out last night for Emma's birthday - everyone enjoyed themselves and it was nice to be altogether!

Right so I've got to get on with my art work!! Now interview is out of the way its now time to concentrate! Sorry I havent posted anymore of my essay - if anyone wants a copy can you request it in comments and I will email it to you as its so hard to post it on here! Thanks!

Right Ive got alot to sort out over the next five weeks.  Ive got images to print, walls to make!, sounds to find, and lighting to put up! Also a curtain to make! I only have 5 weeks I think?

But............... there is always a fly in the ointment isnt there!!! My little Joe (he isnt the fly by the way) has an appointment to go to hospital on 22nd May - right when I'm gonna be my busiest but he comes first!!!

I will explain about Joe.  He is growth hormone deficient ( I might have said before). His pituitary gland never formed properly in the womb and hence he has alot of problems with hormones. The main one being growth (the lack of!) he has an injection everyday of growth hormone to solve this and he is doing really well with that! Im pleased to say!

Now it is time to look at his sex hormones (bless him).  He has what they call an HCG test (put the link to explain if your interested).  Anyway, he is being admitted for tests on 22nd May (Monday) - we have to be in the ward by 10am!! (Thats London!) So will have to get the train about 7am!!!  We will spend the day in Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) having blood tests and he will have the hcg injection.  Then on the Tuesday and Wednesday of that week he will see our Doctor for further injections.  Then on Thursday of that week we are back up to GOSH for all day tests and another injection.  Then for two weeks with our doctor several injections then we go back up for final consultation. Hopefully in those three weeks he should start puberty - poor lad he wont know whether he is coming or going!! Nor will I!!!

It's a very important time for me in my course but even more important time in Joe's life!!  My tutor was really good and said that if I left instructions they would put my show up for me! How lovely is that!!!

Anyway, I havent told Joe a thing about it yet - what's the point in him worrying about it now really. He hates all these tests - he never gets used to them even though he has had them all his life - bless him! one brave little boy there!

Right better go now and get on with some work!

Love Laine xxxx

Another lovely tag by Sazzy Kreationz - thanks Dianna.xx

Teddy sending message

I have posted entry below!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 1 May 2006

Bank Holiday evening

This is just a oneliner for the entry I did today called Bank Holiday - as it was a long one I dont think an alert went out for it. Took me ages to do so please read it if you get time. Love Laine xxx

Bank Holiday monday

Oh my god – I just typed loads of stuff and then I lost it – my fault I should have typed it into word first!! Can you believe it! I went to file manager to put some pics in then hey presto my journal entry disappeared – silly me for not clicking out of my journal box first!! So be warned everyone – if you want to add a pic make sure you minimise your journal first or it will disappear!!



I wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support yesterday! Really nice to know you all listen to me rambling on!


What miserable day weather wise in good Old Blighty today! Although as I write this the sun is coming out! Oh it’s gone back in again! Oh well! Think its going to be one of those very cloudy days!



In my last entry that got lost – I was saying how fed up I was with work – or the lack of it.  I have been working at Crowhurst Park for nearly 4 years now and have always worked hard and always available when asked to work.  At the end of last year I asked to go part-time – that means working 3 days a week – as before that I was just casual hours.  So I started working three days from September last year.  Then In February the park closes and we do a winter clean – still working 3 days a week.  Anyway the park opened again in March and since then I’ve not been given very much work – I asked last Saturday whether there was much work at the moment – my boss said No it’s really quiet.  Anyway, I know for a fact that people worked Monday and Friday and are in working today! Also she has taken on new girls that are going in instead of me.  I asked her last week if I was part-time and she said I was casual!!! Well I didn’t push it as I knew she wasn’t feeling well.   Hmmmm so I’m a bit fed up at the moment and as I hate confrontation I know I’ve got to go in and ask why I’m not being asked to work when I know others are!!  I really hate situations like this – and I also hate being walked all over!


We are going out tonight for Emma’s 18th – she was 18 on Friday and we are having a meal out to celebrate – I bet she is dead beat from all the celebrating she has done over the weekend – I reckon we are likely to see a very tired girl tonight!!!



Anyway, I’m sure there was more to say – I will probably say it all tomorrow.


Oh yes I know what I was going to say – I’ve been trying to make my journal look prettier LOL – adding my pic – LOL that don’t make it look prettier!!! Hee hee. Well anyway can you let me know if your journal is not on my sidebar and I will add it on – might be useful if you send me the link too.



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