Saturday, 6 May 2006

Really Late


Oh dear!!! Poor John and James are warn out tonight after doing my panels today - they only got one panel done  - bless them - it did take a while!! Not easy thing to do and as it was raining they had to do it indoors in the lounge - its a good job we have a huge lounge otherwise they could never have done it. I really appreciate what they are doing for me!  John got a bit snappy earlier - i said the wrong thing - blimey I tried hard all day not to do that!!! Can never win can we girls?  He is terrible when he gets tired - snaps at the slightest thing!! Oh well we made up now anyway!!!

Had a great evening tonight - we all played with Sam's PS2 - a game called Buzz - a quiz show - we have got the music one - the boys were getting a bit frustrated with me as I always win!! Cant help it I just love my music!!

Its John's birthday on 22nd May - also the day I have to take Joe to Great Ormond Street!!  Anyway, I dont know what to get John as we really have no money at the moment!!  I think I will get him an MP3 off of Ebay - I got one the other day and it only cost £17.00 - which I think was quite good!! I can get over 100 songs on it!!  Yes i think thats what I should get him!!!  When he travels on the train he would enjoy that!

I downloaded tonight a beautiful song I hadnt heard for years called Africa by Toto - if you get the chance download it - its really calming!!

Anyway night night to those of you still up!!! Im off to bed now!!! Have a great Sunday!

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cherry2sweet2eat said...

cant wait to see the results and my moms god daughters birthday is the same day.

jlocorriere05 said...

Bless John for doing your panels, it must be hard to do them indoors. I used to love Africa by Toto, an MP3 for John would be a good idea, men are so hard to shop for! Have a lovely sunday. Jeannette xx

jeadie05 said...

Well done John and James ,getting your panel done how many do you need ?WAS he tired is that why he was snappy ?...good luck to lIttle Joe at GOSH ...Jan xx

aniracj said...

Why is it with men they get really grouchy when they are tired, but we are expected to stay chirpy and upbeat? Rob is terrible when tired so I just don't speak to him, at least that way there are no repercussions, lol! I love that song as well, got it on cd!

ally123130585918 said...

Laine glad John and James are doing your panels ~ pity they had to work indoors ~ and as it is the weekend naturally it had to rain ~ am really looking forward to seeing pictures of their work ~ Hope Joe gets on well with his appointment at GOSH ~ I would think John would love an MP3 for his birthday especially as he travels on the train ~ that will help to pass the time ~ Hope you got a good nights sleep ~ Ally