Monday, 1 May 2006

Bank Holiday monday

Oh my god – I just typed loads of stuff and then I lost it – my fault I should have typed it into word first!! Can you believe it! I went to file manager to put some pics in then hey presto my journal entry disappeared – silly me for not clicking out of my journal box first!! So be warned everyone – if you want to add a pic make sure you minimise your journal first or it will disappear!!



I wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support yesterday! Really nice to know you all listen to me rambling on!


What miserable day weather wise in good Old Blighty today! Although as I write this the sun is coming out! Oh it’s gone back in again! Oh well! Think its going to be one of those very cloudy days!



In my last entry that got lost – I was saying how fed up I was with work – or the lack of it.  I have been working at Crowhurst Park for nearly 4 years now and have always worked hard and always available when asked to work.  At the end of last year I asked to go part-time – that means working 3 days a week – as before that I was just casual hours.  So I started working three days from September last year.  Then In February the park closes and we do a winter clean – still working 3 days a week.  Anyway the park opened again in March and since then I’ve not been given very much work – I asked last Saturday whether there was much work at the moment – my boss said No it’s really quiet.  Anyway, I know for a fact that people worked Monday and Friday and are in working today! Also she has taken on new girls that are going in instead of me.  I asked her last week if I was part-time and she said I was casual!!! Well I didn’t push it as I knew she wasn’t feeling well.   Hmmmm so I’m a bit fed up at the moment and as I hate confrontation I know I’ve got to go in and ask why I’m not being asked to work when I know others are!!  I really hate situations like this – and I also hate being walked all over!


We are going out tonight for Emma’s 18th – she was 18 on Friday and we are having a meal out to celebrate – I bet she is dead beat from all the celebrating she has done over the weekend – I reckon we are likely to see a very tired girl tonight!!!



Anyway, I’m sure there was more to say – I will probably say it all tomorrow.


Oh yes I know what I was going to say – I’ve been trying to make my journal look prettier LOL – adding my pic – LOL that don’t make it look prettier!!! Hee hee. Well anyway can you let me know if your journal is not on my sidebar and I will add it on – might be useful if you send me the link too.



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jeadie05 said...

Isnt it annoying when you lose an entry especially when you do it your self ,Your teddys were stamping their feet at the point you was making lol Yes I remember you talking about your job ,certainly confront your boss ,you need to know where you stand ......Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

NO, didn't even get a wireless alert for this. Yes, I learnt long ago you have to minimize the journal first, we all learn the hard way!! I hope you enjoy your night out with Emma. Your boss at work is hardly being fair to you, I'd have to say something. I remember all the hard work you put in earlier this year. Have a good week. Jeannette xx

debbiewebb4465 said...

I'm in your sidebar ~ thanks Laine :-)  Love your graphics today ~ the teddies are beauts! I always type in word first ~ I nearly cried when I lost an entry once ~ you know how I go on lol  Love the pic of you ~ it's lovely :-) Hope you had a lovely meal, and happy 18th to Emma!! Oh to be that age again lol :-) As for work ~ deep breath, know that all your j~land friends are behind you ~ and say your piece !! Good luck, let us know.
love n hugs Debbie ~xxxx~

sdrogerson said...

You  are right no alert arrived here.
All you need to do is to make your journal page not active ie click on the wlecome page and bring it to  the front and you access other webpages and FM then.....

sugarsweet056 said...

You need to talk with your boss!!! Soon!
Hope you have a happy evening out with Emma! ;0)
Hate losing my entry, guess we all do it from time to time!
Blessings, SUGAR

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Just gotta love aol...I didn't get an alert for both entries...I just hit your link when you stopped by...sounds like you need to say something to your boss...Hope dinner goes well...and praying things get better for you at work...hugs, TerryAnn

jmoqueen said...

Your journal is looking very colourful :-)  Hope you had a good time celebrating Emma's 18th.  Sorry to hear about your work - hope you get it sorted xx