Tuesday, 2 May 2006

My exhibition and little Joe

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well and that all you Brits enjoyed our Bank Holiday weekend - even though the weather was a bit naff!! Typical!!

We had a lovely weekend, had a lovely meal out last night for Emma's birthday - everyone enjoyed themselves and it was nice to be altogether!

Right so I've got to get on with my art work!! Now interview is out of the way its now time to concentrate! Sorry I havent posted anymore of my essay - if anyone wants a copy can you request it in comments and I will email it to you as its so hard to post it on here! Thanks!

Right Ive got alot to sort out over the next five weeks.  Ive got images to print, walls to make!, sounds to find, and lighting to put up! Also a curtain to make! I only have 5 weeks I think?

But............... there is always a fly in the ointment isnt there!!! My little Joe (he isnt the fly by the way) has an appointment to go to hospital on 22nd May - right when I'm gonna be my busiest but he comes first!!!

I will explain about Joe.  He is growth hormone deficient ( I might have said before). His pituitary gland never formed properly in the womb and hence he has alot of problems with hormones. The main one being growth (the lack of!) he has an injection everyday of growth hormone to solve this and he is doing really well with that! Im pleased to say!

Now it is time to look at his sex hormones (bless him).  He has what they call an HCG test (put the link to explain if your interested).  Anyway, he is being admitted for tests on 22nd May (Monday) - we have to be in the ward by 10am!! (Thats London!) So will have to get the train about 7am!!!  We will spend the day in Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) having blood tests and he will have the hcg injection.  Then on the Tuesday and Wednesday of that week he will see our Doctor for further injections.  Then on Thursday of that week we are back up to GOSH for all day tests and another injection.  Then for two weeks with our doctor several injections then we go back up for final consultation. Hopefully in those three weeks he should start puberty - poor lad he wont know whether he is coming or going!! Nor will I!!!

It's a very important time for me in my course but even more important time in Joe's life!!  My tutor was really good and said that if I left instructions they would put my show up for me! How lovely is that!!!

Anyway, I havent told Joe a thing about it yet - what's the point in him worrying about it now really. He hates all these tests - he never gets used to them even though he has had them all his life - bless him! one brave little boy there!

Right better go now and get on with some work!

Love Laine xxxx

Another lovely tag by Sazzy Kreationz - thanks Dianna.xx


jeanno43 said...

Thanks for telling us because I did not get an alert.  Love your pink teddy lol.  Glad you had a good time for Emma's Birthday.  You are going to be so busy.  I had no idea about Joe. Bless him, I hope that all goes well for him - Great Ormond Street is the very best.


jeadie05 said...

My Grandson Matthew has a faulty heart valve so has attended GOSH  all his life too he will be 14 this year ,what an amazing place ,and yes its very important Joe keeps his appt .your tutor realises that hence the offer bless him ........Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

Joe will be in good hands at GOSH, a lot of our kids at the Alex get sent there. I bet Joe will feel like a pin cushion by the end of the three weeks! Hope all goes well for him. Good luck with getting your exhibition work done too. Jeannette xx

ally123130585918 said...

I got an alert on this one but not the previous one which I have just read ~ had a good bank holiday Monday although the weather was naff !!  glad you had a good night with Emma I hope she had a lovely birthday ~ now you have got to get stuck in with your exhibition 5 weeks will soon fly by looking forward to seeing the pictures when you have finished it ~ Bless little Joe hope everything goes well for him ~ how lovely of your instructor to offer to put your show up for you ~ just goes to show how much they think of you ~ Ally

jmoqueen said...

It certainly does sound like your very busy xx I hope everything goes well with Joe's appointment bless him!!  How nice of your tutor to say they would put it up for you :-)

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Laine, love the pink bears :-) Glad you had a nice meal out with Emma for her birthday. And you're going to be rushed off your feet! Poor Joe, poor you, thinking of you both. Nice of your tutor to be so supportive ~ at least you won't have to worry, they will put your show up for you, that's great.
lots of love Debbie ~xxx~