Tuesday, 14 November 2006


Hi All,

What truly lovely people you all are!! Ive been away so long yet you are still there for me - that really is something! So good to hear from you all!!

Im now going to start my dissertation - well maybe tonight - can you believe my first draft has to be in by 27th November and I havent even written a plan yet.  I spose I will get it done.  The deadline for the finished dissertation is not til the March but they want us to have nearly done it by the end of this month.  Trouble is I havent even got all the reading matter in yet. Some of my books have come from Canada and USA.

Did I tell you all Im going to New York in March - I'm going to meet my lovely friend Sandy - who does read my journal and I met her on AOL - can't wait to meet her!!  The trip is a study trip with college and its for a week - and I will be away from the kids and John for a week!!!! Will miss them but Im so looking forward to it - cant believe I will actually be in New York!!! Crikey!!!

Well I ought to go check out all your journals then Im going to start maybe a plan of my dissertation - but crikey my favourite program is back Im a celebrity!!! Love that!!! Im addicted to it - well more like I like Ant and Dec LOL.

Crikey how am I going to do a 7,000 word dissertation in just under two weeks!!! LOL

Love Laine xxxx


Thursday, 9 November 2006

I am back

Hi All,

I don't know whether any of you have me on your alerts anymore, but I thought I would come back and try start up my journal again.  I am doing my degree this year so I might not have time to visit you all.  But, I miss you all very much and would like very much to catch up again.  If any of you get my alert and others don't can you pass on my regards and maybe tell them I'm back!! Thanks.

This year I am studying collecting - so if any of you have collections or any of you know anyone who have blogs about their collections - let me know I would be so interested in anything you collect.

Its great to be back and I hope that I can share with all of you my degree year. I'm so sorry I didnt show you all the pics from my last years show but I didnt do very well and it got me down.  Didnt want to talk about it. But Im determined to make this year a success.

So all you collectors out there - get in touch!! Is there blogs for collectors?

Love Laine xxxxxxxxxxx