Sunday, 18 June 2006

Normal service will resume soon

Sorry People I said I would be back and then Im not!!!

Will be back soon - I promise.  Your all prob fed up with me now!!! Just not had the computer on - been outside in that sunshine all the time and also been getting drunk at first night previews.

My show went really well and was well received.  Then John and I went to see the degree show (that I will be doing next year!!) last night - so classy!! You can tell its a higher level of education - wow thats all I can say!!!! Brilliant!!!  Anyway, I havent photographed my show yet - but I will be over the next couple of days. Was a bit hard with everybody around.

Sorry that I havent visited you all lately - I do hope you are all well. Love Laine xxxxxx

Wednesday, 14 June 2006

All Done

Hi everyone,

All done at college - show is up and the exhibition opens on Friday night - so a boozy night for me. 

Dont get the results for my work til August!!! In the post!!!!

Dont get the results for Joe til August!!! Have to phone up as the appointment they gave me we are on holiday then!!!

Really need to know!!!

Im back on alerts - so will be visiting you all again very soon. Have missed you all and watch this space for pics of my show - will be snapping away on Friday night I hope!!!

Love Laine xxxxx


Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Nearly there

Nearly there!!!!  Last day tomorrow!! Floor to go on - ceiling to go on!!!

Joe's last injection tomorrow the last of eight he has had over the three week test. Emma (my step-daughter) coming with me to the hospital tomorrow!! Bless her.

Hopefully have pics of my show next week.

Look forward to reading all your journals again next week. Thanks for the comments and all being such good supportive friends.

Love laine xxxxxx


Monday, 5 June 2006


Flood at the College!!!

Ok - it's not in the art department!

But, not allowed in to do my work! Yet another day lost!

Not going too bad though - so not panicking yet!

Joe gets results on Friday at Great Ormond Street!

My work assessed on Monday 12th!

Exhibition is on the 16th June!


Be back soon to alerts honest!! Hope you are all ok.

Laine xxxxx