Thursday, 12 January 2006

Thursday - day 2

Hi guys,

No pics to add today - I went into college and painted my wall white.  I had a chat with my tutor - he was excited about my new space and I told him I was planning on surrounding myself with all my images and trying to connect them in some way using thread or wire or something - not sure yet.  Anyway he suggested it would be a good idea to create my space into a thicket rather like the woods I walk in - make it mysterious and a bit scary to go in but also really interesting and beautiful at the same time - bit of a challenge!! I thought of using silk thread in different colours - or find lots of different materials for different thicknesses - not really sure yet. 

Anyway so off I went to the library to print off the images of the pics I showed you all yesterday and all the printers had run out of ink - can you believe that! and they didnt even have any back up cartridges!!  What sort of a college is that!! Oh well. So I came home to use my own computer - meaning I have to pay for the ink!! Oh well - then my partner John is wanting to use it (because he works from home) and he needs to print out a huge tender so my time and ink limited here too!!  Anyway John went out to buy some more ink so Ive printed quite a few images to start sticking on my walls tomorrow.  Be quite interesting tomorrow as I have the tutor that I had in my first year of college two years ago - when I did my foundation course.  So be good to see him agian.

Oh by the way my tutor wasnt really interested much in my aol journal - he said thats just a sideline - well I think its really important to my work and all your comments are really valuable - so Im still going to keep it up - it also helps me to talk it all over - all my ideas and that - even if it dont make sense to anyone else!!! hee hee

bye for now - ill be back!! LOL

Laine xxx


jeadie05 said...

Yes do keep up your jounal you can always bounce ideas around here ,so the tutor was'nt impressed ,in what context did you plan to combine  the journal,with your art work ?           Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

Whether your journal meets his approval or not we are interstes in your life and course!

ally123130585918 said...

Yes please keep your Journal going - I'm interested in seeing pics of your space..and  all the plans you have for it....your own plans not the ones suggested
wouldn't be the same if they don't come from you......Ally

jmoqueen said...

I'm glad your keeping up with your journal :-)  I like reading it!!  Your idea for your work space sounds exciting and very creative!  Will you take a pic when you've finished getting it the way you like?  I'd like to see that pic ;-)

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope you can post some pics when your studio is finished. I would have thought your tutor would show a little more interest in your journal. Glad you're keeping it going anyway! Jeannette.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Your instructor probably wasn't interested in your journal because he doesn't get it.  I have gotten so much inspiration and encouragement from the people who comment in my blog.  It's something you don't realize until you experience it.

Looking forward to seeing your "thicket".  It does sound like a challenge.