Friday, 13 January 2006

Friday - oh no work tomorrow!!!! eeeeeeeek

Hi guys.  I had a great day today.  Met my old tutor this morning as he was doing tutorials in our group today.  So was nice to see him again.  He said my work reminds him very much of the work I was doing in my first year at college - but then i was doing figurative stuff - but I can see what he means by the way my lines go.  Anyway he said its good that Im doing the drawing and painting on the wall and that - i shouldnt stop doing it but he thinks I should concentrate more on my photographs and maybe take soem film - I can do that on my new camera!!!! Not sure how I'd show all you guys film though!!!!

Went to lunch with my friend - she picked up my Sam for me and brought him along too - he had an inset day at school today. We went to the college restaurant - they were Korean students training today - its good because its really cheap for a three course meal - they are training but the food is good. 

Then my Sam came with me to my History lesson - bless him he is 12 and he sat through an hour and half of slides and discussion.  Looked at a brilliant artist today called Chuck Close - he painted from photographs and his paintings looked like photographs - see if you can look him up on the web. Worth a look!!

My Joe has gone to his Dad's for the weekend.  Sam likes to stay here with me - he goes once a month to his Dad's.  John's two boys come down every weekend - John gone to get them now.  Sam likes to be with them.  He did open up to me yesterday though and said he doesnt like it at Daddy's because there is always arguing going on.  His dad just recently moved in with his girlfriend and she has a 14 year old and a 16 year old who are very argumentative apparently.  Sam likes to be quiet.  Even my Joe who loves to see his Dad said he doesnt look forward to going anymore. I'll keep you posted on that.

Anyway must go now Sam wants some tea - even though we had lunch out we are now starving!! LOL

Not sure if I will write over the weekend and if I dont comment on your Journals I will do it on Monday. 

Laine xxxx


ally123130585918 said...

Your little space looks just great, glad you kept your trees, I bet you had a great time painting your wall......Have a lovely weekend.
By the way your friends painting reminds me of a Butterfly.......Ally

sdrogerson said...

What an interesting painting.................
obviously female...........

dizarra said...

I just came accross your journal, I have placed you on my alert's, your wall looks
cool! Wish I was talented like that! lol ~Diane~

sarajanesmiles said...

I love what you did to your wall, it looks very elegant to me :o)
Absolutely no idea what your friends painting is, I tried to see something in it, I really did, but I couldn't figure it out!  
Poor Sam, it's not easy adjusting to new step families is it, especially with teenagers in them!  I hope it all calms down soon so that he can feel happier whenever he's there.
Sara   x

jeadie05 said...

Iam really not sure?is it something biological ?Your wall is looking good ,Have you got two boys ,Sam and Jo ?..............JAN XX

jlocorriere05 said...

It looks like a butterfly to me!! It's hard for kids to come to terms with having to share their parents with others. Glad Sam gets on well with John's kids. Jeannette.

jmoqueen said...

It's nice the boys get to see their dad even if one doesn't like going there.  I know it can be hard - bless them!!  Love what you've done to your wall - what an odd name Cuck Close LOL

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Hi Laine,
Thank you for your comment in my journal.
Sounds like a hard situation to deal with.
To answers your questions - I'm in a doctoral program (English).
Enjoyed your journal and love the wall.

coy1234787 said...

You space looks great, so what if it's small ... it's yours. Now about your friends painting. The way I see it must be one of two things, I'm going to go with two bulldogs in a head on collision because my other answer is a little difficult to describe here in such a public forum. Either way, it's quite interesting  ; 0
                         *** Coy ***

mtrib2 said...

You have asked for a comment on your friend's painting.   When I was in art school we would have critique's where each student's work was commented on by the class, including the teacher.     I have tried to do abstract painting and am totally unsuccessful, so I have had to stay with realism.    Your friends painting is successful as it stands by itself.   I would say it has an "organic" sense or quaility about.   It has the elements of good art, and that is what it is about.    Mark
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