Friday, 17 February 2006

Thank you

Hi friends,

Thanks for all your feedback and comments - i will indeed post my essay when it is finished!! You probably wont want to read all of it though!!!  I just rattled on with it today and it probably doesnt make any sense whatsoever but at least I started it.  Thank you to Stuart for the short story by Frank Kafka - i will use that! Also thanks to Aileen and Jeannette for the links.  Thank you to you all for your support - without  knowing it you are helping me get this essay done - its the thought of having to tell you I hadnt done any made me get writing LOL! Well it has to be in by 1st march!! So not long now.

John phoned earlier - he went to the site where the company who is offering him the job install their doors. (Did I tell you it will be selling sliding doors and swing doors) anyway he was a bit nervous because he couldnt get near the site and see whether they were bad or good.  Anyway, he is bound to be nervous its a big step but even if it doesnt work out they will be paying enough for us to put a bit of money away incase it doesnt work out. So I think he should go for it!!!

Especially for you doggie fans out there - my Oscar was very naughty today! Bless him - he thought it was Christmas.  John fed him as usual but where he got the canned dog food out of the cupboard is where we keep Oscars doggie biscuits.  Well John left the door open!  Joe came downstairs to the toilet and as he went back up he saw Oscars head stuck in the cupbard and yep you guessed it munched all the biscuits up!!! Wish I'd had my camera ready!  I bet Oscar couldnt believe his eyes when he was let loose on that lot!! Hee hee.

Love to you all Laine xxxxx



jeadie05 said...

Great to hear your enthusiasm for your project and havent some of the Jlanders come up trumps for you ? Oh Oscar!!!..........Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Laine great you are getting stuck in to that essay now hurry up and finish it then you can post it for us to read.  Hope that job works out for John - will this mean you will be moving House ?...Oscar believes in helping himself while he has the chance...LOL.....Ally

aniracj said...

He had been talking to our Sam, Oscar that is, the biscuit thief is rife in this home as well!!!

sdrogerson said...

I posted a poem by Robert Frost on my journal about pathways in woods........ ;)
And if you are going to quite Kafka make sure you get his first name right
Franz not Frank ;0)

jlocorriere05 said...

I often promise I'll do something when I make an entry then feel I have to do it as I don't want to let everyone down!! I hope John will be OK if he takes the new job, there's always uncertainty in any move. Jeannette.  

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Looking forward to reading that essay:)

jmoqueen said...

Glad the essay's going well :-)  LOL @ your dog!!  Bet he was full after that lot!