Friday, 3 February 2006

London pics and stuff

Hi guys - I'm sorry I didnt take as many pics as I would have liked to - but your not really allowed to take pics in the galleries.  Anyway this gives you a taste of some of the work I saw and here is a list of sites you can look at (if you want) of the galleries I went to. 1) Modern Art, 2) Whitechapel 3) David Risley Gallery 4) Wilkinson Gallery,  5) Vilma Gold (Alisa Margolis). Anyway I havent tried the links yet so hope they work ok - first time Ive done that - let me know how you get on if you do try them.

I went for another walk this morning and took lots more pics - really getting quite obsessed about going out into the woods and snapping away with my camera - I really ought to learn how to use my nice posh one then I might be able to take even better pics.

Got to go to work tomorrow - boo hoo - well we are doing quite well my mate Maria and I - we have about two to three weeks to finish and we have two lodges left to do completely then its going round hoovering and carpet cleaning and putting in missing items - I think we will be ok. 

My Sam not been well this week - he has been off school for three days with this nasty cold and sore throat - he seems much better today though.  We have all the boys this weekend,  James, Chris, Sam and Joe!!! Sam went with John to go pick up Chris and James tonight so its just been me and Joe for the evening - quite nice really. 

Must start my essay this weekend!!! Ive got to write about my own personal development in the art world - 2,000 - 3,000 words.  Got to hand it in on 1st March but I need to get it done by 28th as i have to go into hospital to have a small op (epidural) on my back because of my sciatica!!!  Anyway they have given us two days off college next week (thursday and friday) to write the essay - what the betting I dont do any of it!!! LOL

Have a good weekend all of you - I will write again on Monday.

Laine xxxxx


jeadie05 said...

Yes the link worked ,your getting through the lodges now arent you ,just keep thinking of the money ,have a good weekend with the boys ,do they all get on well together ?..........Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

Most interesting exhibits

jlocorriere05 said...

I liked the last two photos best. I haven't tried the links yet, I'll have a look later. Glad you enjoyed your day. Have a good weekend with all the kids. Jeannette.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

I loved the photos Laine and thanks. I haven't been as far as the links yet but I'll be back a little later when I get more time. I'm sorry to hear Sam isn't feeling well. Good luck with that essay.

jmoqueen said...

I love the alisa Margolis pics such fab use of colour :-)  So a mad house this weekend then.  Hope it's quiet at some point for you to start your essay!