Saturday, 11 February 2006


Hi Guys

Thanks for all your encouragement - and with great intention I sat down yesterday morning - pen in hand to start my essay! The phone rings - my mate sounded down and like I always do, would swap anything for a good gossip and cup of tea with a mate! So essay didnt get started! Then John said let's go down town and get our holiday booked! Essay didnt get started!  My friend rings up in afternoon, 'Courtney is getting award at school! she would like you to come!' - Essay didnt get started!  Then time to go pick Sam up! Essay didnt get started. Got home with Sam and went upstairs for a lie down - didnt feel well - so, yes you guessed it, essay didnt get started.  Maria was picking Joe up from school at 4.15 - I woke up when she got back with him - we had another cup of tea - essay!!! hmm no hope today!!! Did alot of thinking about it though! LOL

Had to work today - and its the weekend so crikey maybe I will get started tomorrow night!!

Well we booked our holiday - going to Cala d'or, Majorca, Spain! Got a lovely villa with its own pool - going last week in August!! Cant wait!!! Boys are excited!

You all wanted to know where John went? Well cant really say yet as we havent made up our minds - but its good and its to do with better job prospects!!! Quite exciting but a lot to think about!!

Love Laine - have a good weekend all.



ally123130585918 said...

Sorry you got so many interuptions and couldn't start on your essay..
when have you got to hand it in....???...Glad you have your holiday booked sounds a lovely you are all excited...
Hope you come to the right decision regards John's prospects...
Now where is your pen and paper you really must start on that essay..

jeadie05 said...

I'm pleased when you say you've been thinking about it ,Iused to do alot of my college stuff like that ,it would all be in my head ,getting sorted ,then when it felt right, out it would all come on paper .........Jan xx

jeanno43 said...

Well, the essay will get done lol.  We can always find a reason to put things off can't we.  Have a great weekend.

jlocorriere05 said...

Your holiday sounds great, bet you'll have fun! more excuses, get writing that essay!! Have a good weekend. Jeannette xx

dizarra said...

SPAIN!? You lucky dog! ~Diane~

sazzylilsmartazz said...

The holiday sounds terrific. I'll bet you can't wait until August now:)

haileen2003 said...

Lucky you, having a Holiday booked!
The Essay...well it will get done, I'm sure.
Hope your weekend is going well!

cherry2sweet2eat said...

my brother loved art he was a great artist. I love all his drawings and look at them til this day. what made you get into art? i on the other hand dispise art im not a great artist like my brother :)

sunflowerkat321 said...

Your holiday plans sound wonderful!!  I'm a little jealous.

Waiting for your news about John....and I'm glad that Joe is better.


jmoqueen said...

OOooooooo sounds like a good holiday is planned.  Intrigued about John.  Have you started that essay yet??  

gdireneoe said...

America!  Here?!  You're moving here!  RIGHT? ;)  C.