Monday, 8 January 2007

Happy new year to you all

Hi Everyone

Happy New year to you all - I hope you are all well and had a good Christmas.

I am now back at college - and its all systems go!!! Lots to do - not many months or days to do it in!!

I have decided to use my internet interests in my work - I am fascinated by the way we can communicate on the internet and make friends.  Is it different to the real world? Are we braver on the internet - do these friends mean as much as friends in the real world - although friends in the virtual world can become friends once we meet them.  Do these friendships have a deeper meaning than friends we meet face to face? Its a fascinating subject but Im not sure yet how Im going to use it in my art - I might make a film of myself - I dont really know!!!

 It would be good if you could just tell me a bit about yourself and why you like blogging and chatting online. How do you feel when you make friends in journals and whats the difference between them and friends in the 'real' world if you know what I mean!! It would be great if you could email me or leave a comment on my journal.   What would be really good is to collect photos of the people I have met online - these photos would be part of a display of my work in my college.  I dont have to put your name  and it will be purely for my art not for anything else.  My email address is

thanks so much Love Laine xxxx

p.s. so sorry I havent been around much - but Ive been a bit down lately and not been good with my work - I feel alot better now and really want to do something with this new idea for my art.  LOL it also gives me an excuse to be able to visit all your journals more regularly!!! Well its what Im about and my art should be about me dont you think!!!!





cherry2sweet2eat said...

Hey girl long time no see lol. I hope u got the link for my private journal. And happy new years to you too.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I will gather my thoughts and email you.  You are right, it is an interesting phenomenon.  Good luck with your project!

jlocorriere05 said...

Welcome back! It is an amazing phenomenon how we make friends on the internet and tell people how we feel. I think it's because people can write without being interrupted as they would be in normal conversation. Also they don't have any ties to people on the internet so feel freer to pour out their troubles knowing they won't meet up face to face. I'm sure you could make a good study of it! Happy new year to you and your family! Jeannette xx  

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

sarajanesmiles said...

Happy New Year to you m'dear :o)
This project of yours does sound interesting... can tell you that I've made some lovely friends online, well here in J-land that is.  Will email later, but I think one of the benefits of meeting people here is that you get to meet people you never would have met in 'real life'.  
Sorry to hear you've been feeling down, though glad that you're feeling better now.
Sara   x

zoepaul6968 said...

welcome back hun,happy new year to you too and i think your idea is really great,feel free to snag my pic on my sidebar in my blog if you want,i will send via email if you cant snag it,the reason i started blogging was to talk about my domestic abuse,a bit selfish really i guess,since then i have evolved into advising and supporting others,and adding a bit of comedy into the pot every so often,because life must not go backwards,it should always move onward,so people can see after time that even though you can suffer tragedy and loss,pain and hurt,you can move on steadily,and create something better,all the best love zoe xx

jmoqueen said...

Hello :-)  It's good to see you still around and about xx  I have received your email and I shall reply but I want to think about it properly before I respond.  Happy new year to you and your family xx


Laura said...

hello youve got me thinking now ill email you a photo. I will love to see the finnished work off art i really wish i was more artistic i cant even draw a good stick man never mind i will see you soon xxxx