Monday, 15 January 2007

Art degree

Please visit my Art Journal - Im writing my thoughts in there most days - not many people have commented - I hope you can all comment and contribute soon. Love Laine xxxx

p.s. thanks to those of you who are commenting - it means alot.



sarajanesmiles said...

On my way :o)
Sara   x

jacksj989 said...

Although I took early retirement from college 5 years ago, I am still at the cutting edge of studying.

Like most people, when they retire, I said I would do this that and the other but when I had achieved those things there was a void left in my life that had to be filled.

I always wanted to take up art and now that I have I can say, with confidence, that my drawing skills are good but I am having to work hard on the painting side of things.

I hope that you are enjoying your art studies as I am enjoying mine.